Sailing in Burma: Adventure Liveaboards to the Mergui Archipelago of Myanmar.
Diving in Burma: sailing and liveaboards cruises to the Mergui Archipelago with South East Asia Liveaboards in Phuket, Thailand.

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Yacht: "Gaea"

High Season:
6 days/6 nights
October 1999 to mid May 2000:

Low Season:
6 days / 6 nights
mid May 99 to end Sept.

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Adventure Sailing Cruise to Burma (Myanmar):
6 days/6 nights

If you have a spirit of adventure and are interested in visiting remote, Click here to read press coverage on the liveaboards and adventure cruises of South East Asia Liveaboards. unspoiled sea and tropical islands you could do no better than come with us on our Adventure Sailing Cruise in the beautiful Mergui Archipelago. This cruise is a wonderful combination of sailing, exploration, snorkeling, seakayaking and diving and is suitable for non-divers as well as divers. Every day you will be able to go ashore; we will show you some of the secrets of the rain forest as well as explore ancient mangrove areas and jungle rivers. Click here to visit the Photo Gallery of South East Asia Liveaboards. And there’s plenty of time to relax on the deserted white sandy beaches, snorkel and swim. You could expect to do six to eight dives during the course of the trip.

The islands along the coastline of Burma, known as the Mergui Archipelago, had been strictly off limits to all foreigners for over fifty years. We at South East Asia Liveaboards are the pioneers of the Mergui Archipelago and were the first dive operators ever to be granted a license to visit this remote and extremely beautiful area. That was on Christmas Eve 1996. Since then we have been operating live-aboard trips exploring the delights of this truly unspoiled area. We had the whole area to ourselves for a many months, but inevitably a few others have followed in our footsteps, although no other operator has anywhere near the same level of experience and knowledge of the area as South East Asia Liveaboards.

Comprising over eight hundred islands and covering an area of ten thousand square miles, these pristine islands are totally untouched by modern development, with a rich history of maritime trade, mysticism and piracy.

The modern-day Mergui Archipelago is as it was in days gone by, bar the piracy! Due to the archipelago’s virtual isolation, the islands and surrounding seas are alive with an amazing diversity of wildlife, flora and fauna.

Parrots, hornbills, sea eagles, Brahminy kites and herons fill the skies, whilst on land the animal population includes wild cattle, elephants, monkeys, deer, wild pigs, tigers, crocodiles and rhinoceros.

The only human inhabitants in the area are the sea gypsies, a nomadic sea-faring race whose lifestyle has changed very little over the years, they have been the sole inhabitants of the Mergui Archipelago over the years and still practice the same fishing and boat building techniques used for generations.

Recently, our Burma adventure tours have been featured in the TV Series "Travel Asia and Beyond".

Approximate Itinerary:

Check in to our Dive Center in Phuket by 8.15 am for departure by 9.00 am by air-conditioned mini-bus, arriving in Ranong (Thai/Burma border) by 2.00 pm, stopping en route for lunch. Check out at Immigration (Ranong) then cross the Pakchan river (the border) by long-tail boat to Kawthoung. Sightseeing in this interesting border trading town, before boarding the yacht. Depart from Kawthoung early evening for the islands of the Mergui Archipelago.

Morning spent relaxing and snorkeling at Crescent Bay (a cluster of islands grouped together to form a beautiful bay) with white beaches in every direction. Afternoon sailing north to Pulau Laviaung island. A few hours spent at this beautiful spot for beach exploration and swimming. Afternoon travelling north again to Pulau Nala to visit the Moken (sea gypsy) village. Evening at anchor in this vicinity.

Exploring Lampi island including a visit to the southern-most of the island’s mangrove rivers using the inflatable dinghy and kayaks. Afternoon sail north along the western coast of Lamp visiting Pulau Tayu, anchoring at Kubo islands.

River visit to the northern-most river on Lampi island, tide permitting. Afternoon spent sailing and exploring Kubo island. Evening at Salet Galet; a secluded ‘S’ shaped channel which guarantees a calm, secluded anchorage. This is a good place for bird-life including hornbills. Crab-eating maqueks (monkey) can be seen her on the shoreline feasting on oysters.

Early morning sail to Clara Island. The day to be spent snorkeling, swimming, diving and relaxing here. Barbecue in the evening - weather permitting - on one of the archipelago’s most beautiful beaches.

Early morning sail south to dive site named "In through the Out-door"!. Continue traveling south, stopping at Cavern, McCarthy and Stewart Islands for diving in this vicinity. Late afternoon departure for return to Kawthoung, arriving early next morning.

Disembark at 8.00 am for return journey to Phuket by 3.30 pm

Pls. note: Passengers can fly direct to Ranong from Bangkok, thus avoiding the mini-bus journey. Bangkok Airways now have daily flights from Bangkok to Ranong (flight departs in Bangkok at 08:20 am, arriving in Ranong at 09:40 am). Pickup at the Royal Princess Hotel Ranong at 03:15 pm.

Cancellation Clause:
If circumstances should arise such as political unrest, fighting on the Thai/Burma border, flight cancellations or any other risk to customers or vessels, South East Asia Liveaboards Co Ltd reserves the right to cancel the trip. If this should be the case, we would re-route the trip to another destination at no extra cost to customers.

Travel Insurance:
We highly recommend that clients take out a comprehensive travel insurance policy with cover that includes cancellation, medical care, medical evacuation and personal effects.

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