Surfing in India (Andaman Islands): Yacht Charters with SEA Liveaboards.

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Surfing in India (Andaman Islands)
Full-boat Surfing Charters with South East Asia Liveaboards.

Geographically more Indonesia than India, the Andaman Islands have been on many surf traveler’s wish list. Yet rigorous government efforts to restrict outside exposure to the region’s indigenous cultures have kept her wave line-ups empty - and probably will continue to do so in the years to come" SURFER Magazine 1998.  NOT SO !!!!

Click here to visit the Photo Gallery of South East Asia Liveaboards.SEAL is now proud to announce yet another exciting new Adventure!

The remote Andaman Islands in the Bay of Bengal had until April 1998 never been surfed. It was at this time that our yacht please click here for further information...Crescent was chartered by some of the world’s top surfing names to explore the Andamans in the hope of finding good surf. The trip was highly successful. World-class surf was found!

Take a look at "Quest For Fire" (Surfer Magazine USA 1998) Click here to read press coverage on the liveaboards and adventure cruises of South East Asia Sam George/photos by John Callahan - shown on our Press Coverage (home page button).  This is just one of many surfing articles written about our trips in the world's leading surfing magazines.

During the months of April and May 1999 we ran a schedule of liveaboards surfing charters to the Andaman Islands, providing an opportunity for people to be amongst the very first to ride these world-class waves.

We have trips scheduled for 2000 to this remote and exciting location, most are which are full-boat charters, i.e. a group of people charter the whole yacht. In view of the number of requests we have from individual surfers, we have now additionally scheduled a join-in trip in March 2000.

The maximum number of surfers on this trip will be eight. It will be an unique opportunity for individual surfers to experience the thrills of the Andaman Islands surfing.

If you're interested in joining please contact us for further details.

"Geographic isolation, heavily restricted travel, mysterious stone age culture and totally uncharted waters - the Andaman Islands are everything you want in a surf trip." SURFER Magazine 1998.

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