Diving in India: Liveaboards, Diving and Sailing in the Andaman Islands.
Diving in India, Liveaboards Cruise to the Andaman Islands

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Yacht: "Crescent"
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This cruise is primarily for full-boat charters, but consideration will be given to small groups. Indian Visa is required in advance.

Surfing in India:
 Full-boat Charters to the Andaman Islands

South East Asia Liveaboards is the only yacht charter operator of Phuket targeting the remote Andaman Islands in India. Click here to read press coverage on the liveaboards and adventure cruises of South East Asia Liveaboards.This cruise is primarily for full-boat charters, but consideration will be given to small groups. The Andaman Islands surfing charters are from late January to late April each year.

All trips depart from and return to Port Blair, the capital of the Andaman Islands. The Andaman Islands are situated approx. 460 miles north west of Phuket, in the Andaman Sea, Bay of Bengal.

Click here to visit the Photo Gallery of South East Asia Liveaboards.There are daily flights from Madras and Calcutta, servicing Port Blair. All customers must fly in and fly out. Pls. note: Indian Visa required.

The Andaman Islands Archipelago consists of six hundred islands, the three main ones being North Andaman, Middle Andaman and South Andaman which run predominantly north to south. The remaining islands are scattered on the east and west sides of the main island group. Departing from Port Blair, the trips to the outlying islands on the eastern islands. The water clarity is generally very good. The depth can range up to 3000 meters. Commercial fishing is practically non-existent which makes for an abundance of large pelagic.

Highlights of the trip are Campbell Shoals, Narcondam Island, Barren Island and Passige Island. [andaman u/w] Permits to visit different islands must be applied for in advance and we cannot guarantee which islands will be open to us to visit at any specific time.

The Andaman Islands are very remote and life there is something of a time warp - a good 30 years behind present-day. Flocks of wild parrots can be seen on the outer islands and on most of the islands it is possible to spot wild deer down at the waterline early in the morning.

The surfing is truly world-class here, although it is difficult to get to and to organize, it is well worth the time and effort for the amazing experiences. Most of the groups that we have taken to the Andamans have said that the surfing is the best they have ever done.

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