Diving in Thailand: Liveaboards and Sailing in the Similan Islands.
Diving in Thailand: liveaboards and Sailing in the Similan Islands with South East Asia Liveaboards in Phuket, Thailand.

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Yacht: "Wanderlust"

Diving in Thailand: Similan Islands
"A" Cruise: 5 days/6 nights

Thailand offers some of the best diving in Asia and word-famous dive destinations like the Similan Islands are regularly on the South East Asia Liveaboards schedule.

Click here to visit the Photo Gallery of South East Asia Liveaboards.A cluster of nine islands about 90 km n.w. of Phuket is Thailand’s  premier dive destination.  They offer a great diversity of marine life and under-sea terrain, and are considered to have the most colorful reef environment and best all-round conditions of all the sites in the area.  The islands themselves have some of the most stunning above-water surrounds in Asia, with dazzling turquoise water, white sand beaches and secluded bays framed by rocky headlands.

There are dozens of dive sites to choose from and one of the most appealing aspects of diving here is the tremendous variety of underwater experiences they offer.  Most striking is the contrast in reef formations and under-water topography between the east and west sides of the islands.  Dive sites on the east - which face towards the mainland and are generally more sheltered - characteristically have gentle slopes and shallow, sandy reefs with a predominance of hard corals.  The main attraction is a profusion of reef fish of all varieties.

On the west of the islands the under-water terrain is markedly more rugged. with huge underwater boulders - some of them the size of houses - are stacked together to form networks of underwater caves, tunnels, archways and swim-troughs.  The sides of the boulders are often thickly encrusted with sea fans, soft corals and sponges, and because these dive sites face into deep, open sea, divers have excellent chances to encounter a variety of pelagic and other large fish that include tuna, jacks, mackerel, large schools of surgeonfish, eagle and manta rays and several species of shark.

Approximate Itinerary:

Meet in our Dive Center in Phuket for briefing at approx 7:30pm on the evening of the departure date, board the yacht and depart Patong Bay 9:00pm. Travel overnight to Similan Islands.

Breakfast then a check out dive, second dive before lunch, third dive mid afternoon, then travel to protected bay for evening anchorage where clients can go ashore.
2 morning dives then an afternoon sailing or exploring the islands, followed by a night dive.
3 day dives
2 day dives and a night dive
2 dives then departing the Similan Islands in the afternoon to return to Patong arriving approximately 10:00 pm.
Optional choices:
a) shore excursion to sample Patong's night life or stay on board before disembarking from the yacht at approx. 8:00am the following morning
b) disembark the yacht at the end of Day 5

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