Diving in Thailand: Liveaboards and Sailing in the Similan and Surin Islands.
Diving in Thailand: liveaboards and Sailing in the Similan and Surin Islands with South East Asia Liveaboards in Phuket, Thailand.

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Yacht: "Wanderlust"


Diving in Thailand: Similan and Surin Islands
"B" Cruise: 7 days/8 nights
New! "SS" Cruise: 6 days/7 nights

The Similan Islands: a cluster of nine tropical islands, fifty five nautical miles north west of Phuket is Thailand’s  premier dive destination.  The Similan Islands offer a great diversity of marine life and under-sea terrain. Click here to visit the Photo Gallery of South East Asia Liveaboards. This marine national park is considered to have the most colorful reef environment and best all-round conditions of all the dive sites in Thailand.

The islands themselves have some of the most stunning above-water scenery in Asia, with dazzling turquoise water, white sand beaches and secluded bays framed by rocky headlands.  There are dozens of dive sites to choose from, one of the most appealing aspects of diving here is the tremendous variety of underwater experiences they offer.

Most striking is the contrast in under-water topography between the east and west sides of the islands.  Dive sites on the east - which face towards the mainland and are generally more sheltered - characteristically have shallow hard coral reefs, which give home to a profusion of  brightly colored reef fish of all varieties.

On the west of the Similan islands,  the under-water terrain is markedly more rugged. with huge underwater boulders - stacked together to form networks of underwater caves, tunnels, archways and swim-thoughs’.  These boulders are often thickly encrusted with giant gorgonian sea fans, soft corals and sponges. Because these dive sites face into deep, open sea, divers have excellent chances to encounter a variety of pelagic and other large fish that include tuna, jacks, mackerel, large schools of surgeon fish, eagle and manta rays and several species of shark.

 Sailing eighty kilometers further north are the Surin Islands.  This whole area offers excellent diving, with the above and below water characteristics being quite different to the Similans.  Surin is home to the ‘Chow Nam’, a tribe of nomadic sea gypsies, during the cruise you will be give the opportunity  to see these shy and reclusive people.

One of the highlights of the trip is Richelieu Rock, rising  forty meters from the sea bed, covered with a profusion of purple and pink gorgonians. It offers a rare opportunity to dive with the magnificent whale shark. Richelieu is one of the few sites in the world where these creatures are seen on a regular basis.

Approximate Itinerary of the new SS Cruise:

Please note: the one day longer B Cruise, targeting the same regions, is still available up to the end of April.

Meet in our Dive Center in Phuket for briefing at approx. 7:30pm on the evening of departure day, board the yacht and depart Patong Bay 9:00pm. Travel overnight to Similan Islands.

Breakfast then a check out dive, second dive before lunch, third dive mid afternoon, then travel to protected  bay for evening anchorage where clients can go ashore.
Depart Similans and dive Ko Bon, Ko Tachai and then Surin Island.
Early morning travel to Richelieu Rock - 3 dives.  Return to Surin in the evening.
3 day dives around Surin Island.
Depart Surin and dive Ko Tachai & Ko Bon with a night dive at either Ko Bon or Similan Islands.
2 dives, departing the Similan islands approx. 2.00 pm to return to Phuket by late evening.

Trip Features:

  • 3 dives per day.

  • Six days/ seven nights onboard.

  • Fully guided dives by experienced Instructor.

  • Outstanding cuisine.

  • Tanks, weights/belts & torches are provided.

Season: November to May.

Say goodbye to inhabited land for a while and make for uninhabited tropical islands Where an abundance of marine life, colorful live corals and incredible under water sights await you.

What better way to explore this diving heaven than by sailing yacht.  Imagine cruising on a turquoise sea, island hopping from dive site to dive site. Between dives, with the blessing of a breeze, we hoist the sails, sit back and capture magical moments when dolphins come to join us, riding Wanderlust’s bow wave.  The combination of lazy days on board a sailing yacht, diving in warm crystal clear waters and being pampered by a friendly professional crew is one of the reasons that so many people return for a repeat performance.  Dive, sail, relax, make new friends and at the same time enjoy the beauty of nature in remote places, above and below the surface.

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